Meet Heather

Transformational Speaker, Author, and Founder of the SPRUTH Movement

Heather Joy Bassett is a transformational story-healer, speaker, coach and mentor who helps people unravel the mysteries of their own stories that redefine what is truly possible for them in this lifetime.

The birthing of the SPRUTH Movement inspires Heather to empower others to adopt and practice bringing SPRUTH into their world from the “boardroom to the bedroom” demonstrating the universal power of speaking one’s truth with love and compassion.

Passionate about co-creating an inspired future for all generations, she shares and applies her wisdom to help others heal, connect and unite. Heather has an ability to see, amplify and celebrate the highest potential in another, often giving them the permission that they haven’t given themselves, to step into who they truly are and shine in their brilliance.

She is a world champion, in lacrosse, a gold medal athlete who has navigated the challenges of ill health, injuries and at times, difficult personal circumstances. Heather is a shining example of the human capacity to transform, through hard work, dedication, persistence, resilience and an insatiable trust of spirit.  Heather knows what it takes to be the world’s best and the importance of giving and receiving support.

With over 35 years in business, Heather has served over 15,000 people helping them to enjoy a better quality of life and walk with confidence. By creating a safe space for speaking their truth, her podiatry clients, shared hundreds of thousands of multicultural stories, across four generations, giving Heather great insight into the power to succeed with love and compassion.

Heather now works with visionary entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals to imagine and realize powerful and creative possibilities. She supports them to trust and speak their unique truth and bring themselves forth as trailblazers in their own life, workplace, and community. With Heather’s intuitive coaching, advocacy and support, she champions these visionaries to live, love and create a legacy that inspires them and nourishes their soul.  She co-designs and facilitates SPRUTH inspired organizational learning and development programs that empower teams to realize their visions and produce extraordinary results.


Heather has birthed the SPRUTH movement that is bringing a simple but powerful way of being with each other to the world. Thanks to her, speaking our truth with love and compassion can become an everyday occurrence. I can’t imagine anything better for the world at this time.

– Jon Ramer