Speaking Truth with
Love and Compassion

 SPRUTH began as a new word. A simple and powerful act that could change the moment and the world. Speaking our truth with love and compassion can change everything.

Together we are building a movement to empower SPRUTHERS to introduce this simple and powerful practice into our everyday lives, with whomever we’re with, everywhere we are, from the boardroom to our bedroom. In our businesses, our homes, in public, and in our hearts.

Spruth has a profound ability to clear the air, to heal, connect, unite and empower humanity as we awaken to a deeper consciousness. Choosing moment to moment to listen, honor, respect and feel what is our unique and personal truth.

We invite you to share your SPRUTH then share with us the results. Let’s connect the speakers of truth with each other and build a movement that moves the world forward with love and compassion.